CPAC Studio Policies

Musicians working in recording studio.
Producer Bassman and Musical Director Gabriel Mubiana at work in the CPAC Recording Studio in Mulambwa Neighborhood, Mongu.

Studio Terms of Agreement

The recording studio in Mulambwa operated by the Community Performing Arts Collaborative (CPAC) exists for the purpose of community development. Created in 2019, it is equipped by community donation and staffed by community volunteers.

Access to the studio is determined by the community in consultation with the CPAC Board. Individuals interested in using the studio for recording projects should expect to first make donations of time, expertise, equipment, and/or money to support its continued operation.

Priority for projects in the studio is mediated by the CPAC Board with preference given to individuals that have made the largest contributions to the studio.

Users of the CPAC studio in Mulambwa agree to the following terms:

  • New studio users must work under the supervision of senior studio members to ensure safe equipment operation. Senior studio members are obligated to assist new users. All users will share their knowledge of music, recording, production, and distribution with one another. Contact information for studio users should be shared freely.
  • CPAC equipment must remain in the recording studio and should not be removed at any time for any reason without permission from the CPAC board.
  • All technical problems and equipment failures must be recorded in the studio log book and reported to other studio users including at least one board member immediately. The CPAC expects that equipment will occasionally fail. Users will not be held liable but reporting problems immediately is essential for repairs to be made quickly.
  • All studio activity should be logged in the studio log book including a full list of all participants and the times of their activities. Users should record their full given name and aliases/stage names as well as a contact phone number if possible.
  • Studio users may reserve equitable studio time by making a small notation in the log book up to one week in advance including a contact phone number if possible.
  • Users are responsible for creating backups of their own work in the studio. Any recordings or sessions remaining on the studio computer should be kept in a folder clearly marked with the primary user’s name.
  • Fifty-percent of profits made from studio work should be paid to the studio to offset the costs of electricity and maintenance, and purchase of new equipment. Payments to the studio are reserved for studio use, not for personal use by any community member. Contributions of equipment and labor may substitute by agreement of the CPC board.
  • The CPAC has express permission to use studio projects for the purposes of CPAC promotion. The creator(s) reserve all other rights to their work.
  • The CPAC has express permission to document studio activity in image and sound and distribute such documentation for the purpose or promoting CPAC activities.