CPAC Activities

Men working on electronics.
Repairing a mixer for the studio.

The CPAC membership is talented, serious, persistent, and reliable; they are dedicated to growing an organization that will be successful over the long term. We have started small and are building slowly so that our organization is strong. We are interested to partner with a venues and make long-term commitment to on programming. We are confident that our partners will see their success grow and become famous for having the strongest and best live bands in the area.

At present we have three primary initiatives:

  1. Operating from a public rehearsal space where our live band can play two-three times per week. We do so to stay sharp but also to promote our work and to attract business for our host venue. As moving all of our equipment is difficult, the host venue needs to have a secure space where the gear can be stored in between rehearsals. Our hope is that the band helps increase business for the host enough that they can offer a small payment to the musician to offset food and transportation costs. Alternatively, the venue may allow the musicians to sell something of their own to help offset costs. At present we are rehearsing from Eyes Roll bar in Mongu town. We have also held rehearsals with the support of Majesty’s Lodge
  2. Finding venues for larger shows for the musicians to be paid. We are open to negotiating any number of terms including entry fees and or direct payment from the venue. Our membership is able to work on promotions and the rehearsals would help promote shows as well.
  3. Operating a recording studio in Mulambwa. This studio is in partial operation near the market at Mulambwa. It is built from member-donated equipment and labor. The studio is for hire and member-made recordings are for promoting the live band activities.