Matthew Peters Warne

Matthew Peters Warne, PhD

Man playing digital instrument.
Matthew performing with his alternative controller “Gourdo” at Brown University.

Matthew Peters Warne was born on the rural plains of eastern South Dakota. Before earning a PhD in Computer Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University he earned the MS in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the BA at Grinnell College with a double-major in Music and Economics. He designs electronic and computational processes for interacting with media in new and novel ways. He has long had a fascination with the sounds of his environment; his compositions and responsive media installations are designed for participants to observe aspects of their surroundings that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In 2019 he is undertaking a new project with fieldwork in Barotseland/Western Province, Zambia where he is capturing media for compositions on the real and perceived challenges of balancing self-determinism with interdependence. His previous recordings are drawn primarily from fieldwork in Luanda and Huambo in post-conflict Angola which yielded a suite of works on place and perspective.

When not in the field, Matthew lives in New York working at Syracuse University in support of campus instructors using educational technology and directing the campus’s Digital Scholarship Space. He also holds an appointment as Part-Time Assistant Professor in the Department of Transmedia where he teaches Film and Computer Art students about the possibilities provided by sound. He has also taught in the Time Arts area of the Foundation Department and the Composition area of the Sentor School of Music.