Your Participation Not Required

For Site and Event Specific Light and Sound with Harry Smoak

YPNR in Grant Recital Hall, Providence, RI, USA
YPNR in Grant Recital Hall, Providence, RI, USA

Stereo Excerpt of 8-Channel, Site Specific Sound:

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Your Participation Not Required is a site and event specific installation system for augmenting a social environment with dynamic light and sound. It is born of the artists’ shared interest in interrogating the impact of architectural infrastructures and ambient media on our sensorium. YPNR’s shifting colors and spatialized audio dynamically alter the audience’s sensation of the scale and character of the space.

For Pixilerations [v.7], YPNR created a liminal space for an audience to engage uncommon color and acoustic phenomena as they entered a concert of experimental music. The sound included recordings of audiences entering and exiting Grant Hall and synthesized sine waves chosen to activate the room’s resonances. Sound was distributed through an 8-channel speaker system that shifted between two primary states. In the first, each speaker acted as a voice reproducing a single sine tone or a recording made from a microphone placed at that speaker position. In the second state, each speaker reproduced a single band of the frequency spectrum for the playback of either a composite recording of the space or of a composite of the eight frequencies. The sonic configuration was inspired by the idea that in one mode, the audio system filters a sound and the room mixes it, and in the second mode the system mixes the sound and the room filters it. This version explored the impact of different styles of recording and reproduction on listeners’ experience of audio immersion. Shifting between the two states and including a mixture of field recordings from unrelated sites continuously alters the acoustics of the room. Changes in sound were choreographed with changes in color and quality of light as manipulated by custom LED instruments.[1]

  1. For more information on YPNR’s compositional light, contact Harry Smoak.  ↩

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