For Clarinet and 8-Channel Electronics (9 minutes)

Rua Mavinga, Bairro Popular, Luanda, Angola
Rua Mavinga, Bairro Popular, Luanda, Angola

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Featuring the improvisation of Joseph Butch Rovan on clarinet.

Recorded in concert on 05 November 2010 at Grant Recital Hall, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA.

Awakening presents a sound recording from the Bairro Popular, a middle class suburb on the edge of Luanda, made in the morning as my neighbors make the short transition from private activities to more public ones. In live performance, the primary compositional action in this piece is spatial: the sound recording and the lightly processed sounds of the clarinet start focused at the front of the concert hall and gradually expand throughout the piece to become increasingly diffuse and fill the concert hall.

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